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5 benefits of email integration for growing your business

We all want an easier life, right? Well, imagine for a moment that there was a way to make day-to-day life easier for you and your employees. And better still, it enabled you to scale your business faster. You’d be interested, right? Read on to find out why email integration is the golden ticket to your next level of growth. 

What do we mean by email integration?

If you use email in your business (let’s face it: who doesn’t?), email integration could be a great move for you.

After all, email is still one of the most effective methods of growing your business.

According to Litmus, it delivers an average ROI of $42 for every $1 you spend, and 4 out of 5 marketers would rather quit social media than email, which is saying something. 

Email integration means connecting your email applications (e.g. email clients like Outlook or Gmail) with other business tools.

And it’s not just for your inbox – you can also integrate your email marketing software (popular email marketing tools like Mailchimp, Mailerlite or Flodesk can all be integrated) with other systems so they all speak to each other and work seamlessly.

You could integrate your email provider/email marketing with any of the following software systems:

  • Your company website
  • Your CRM software
  • Company social media channels 
  • Online stores
  • Accountancy software

What are the benefits of email integration?

The benefits of integrating your email with your other tech solutions are plentiful, so we’ve rounded up a few of the biggest advantages below.

Essentially, if you’re growing at a rapid pace and losing significant chunks of time to manual processes, like sending emails or copying data between systems, email integration will be a savvy investment that delivers an impressive ROI.

Be more efficient

Integrating email with other software supersizes your productivity as a business. You save time, use your resources more effectively, and generally run much more smoothly.


Integration allows you to automate so many different business processes that are likely draining your time right now, so it really streamlines your workflow and gets everyone working to their potential.

Minimise human error

Mistakes happen when people spend hours transferring data between different systems (plus, is that really where their time is best spent?). Duplications, typos, crossovers – the potential for human error is endless.

Automating these processes reduces the margin for error, leading to better data accuracy and fewer embarrassing slip-ups that could prove catastrophic for your reputation and sales.

Improve customer service

Syncing your email marketing platform with your CRM, website, and social media channels gives your sales and marketing teams so much contact information they can use to build deeper relationships with each prospect.

Lead nurturing becomes easier, more trackable, and infinitely more effective when you have a clear view of every customer engagement and followup with your business.

Boost conversion rates 

How many potential customers are currently sitting in your CRM data or browsing your website without converting into paying (and returning) clients?

Your team members have a much better chance of converting more customers when you integrate your email with your customer relationship management software and other business tools.

Increase ROI from your email marketing campaigns

When you have rich customer data to personalise your email communications, you can boost the ROI of each email you send by creating more relevant messages and cross-selling targeted products or services. 

Rather than bombarding your entire contact list with generic messages, personalisation hits the sender when they’re ready to buy and increases the chance of getting that sale.

And don’t just take our word for it – research by Campaign Monitor revealed that segmenting your email lists to send more targeted messages to specific sections of your audience can boost your revenue by a mind-boggling 760%.

Integrate your email to scale your business sooner

Ready to explore the benefits of integrating your email with other business platforms to improve your sales performance and boost your bottom line?

Most CRM tools, website platforms, and social media sites can be integrated with your email client and email marketing platform.

We work with all kinds of businesses to create custom integrations that allow them to run their operations better. Do you want to be one of them?

As a business owner, we know your time and investment is precious, so we’ll always give you relevant and personalised advice on email integrations to ensure you make an informed choice for your organisation.

With almost two decades’ experience in building and maintaining software solutions for big and small businesses across the UK, Hanley Digital has the knowledge and know-how to give your business a serious boost through custom software support.Let’s begin with a chat – find us at hello@hanleydigital.com or on 0114 4055 330.

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