People love working with us.

I enjoyed working with Chris during our early days at junkshon.

Chris is a superb React developer but is also more than willing to get involved in the backend, where he helped us massively to develop our Django APIs for our application.

Chris is always ready to try new ideas and concepts and experiment with new technologies.

If you have full stack requirements or need some inspiration to build or enhance an application, I recommend talking to Chris.

Justin Campbell
Justin Campbell
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CTO @ junkshon

Chris is a hard-working, fast-learning and adaptable developer.

While at Harvey Nichols, he was able to settle in quickly despite there being lots of complexity and high demand.

Without Chris, some key initiatives such as the new loyalty programme, new mobile app and general site maintenance would not have been possible.

He is also a great team player and always makes time to help his colleagues and coach juniors.

Thomas Pollock
Thomas Pollock
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Management Consultant Manager @ Accenture

Chris has the unique quality of being able to manage stakeholders, whilst speaking their language and handling complex technical heavy lifting.

Chris has a proven delivery record and I trust him implicitly.

Chris is commercially minded and clued up on all things business. He is a valuable addition to any team or business and I still seek his advice on a frequent basis.

Chris has my absolute confidence and is a rock solid hire, would 100% recommend.

David Thompson
David Thompson
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Search PO @

I’ve known Chris for many years and his technical knowledge and ability is second to none.

I was both happy and sad when Chris decided to take the next step in his career, as a friend and my go to for any technical issues that went above me head, was no longer there.

But I’m happy he is putting his talents to good use by helping others to guide their businesses in the right direction. I would highly recommend Chris for his passion for his work, commitment and sense of humour.

Ray Krzeminski
Ray Krzeminski
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SEO/Online Marketing Manager @ DIY Kitchens

I've had the pleasure to work with Chris at my time at Harvey Nichols and he has done everything I needed to get me on board with the team which I really appreciated.

He always makes himself available to his team members in any situation and I can recommend Chris without any doubt for his great experience as full-stack engineer as well as his skills to analysis and solve issues.

Stephane Candelas
Stephane Candelas
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Frontend Developer @ PFSweb Inc

I had the pleasure of working with Chris at Harvey Nichols. Chris is an incredibly talented contractor who helped me with integrating Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud with our website's app wrapper.

Thanks to his expertise, we easily enabled push notifications by collecting customers device ID on signup/login and using it in Marketing Cloud's push message capability. It was impressive to see how quickly Chris picked up on the technical aspects of this integration and made it seem like a breeze.

Chris also worked his magic to integrate our Loyalty implementation with Apple Pass. Our customers can now see their most up-to-date level and points in their Apple Wallet. It's amazing to see our loyalty program reflected in such a modern and accessible way.

Chris's knowledge of various platforms is truly impressive, and he's always eager to learn more. He also has a great sense of humor and can bring a smile to your face, even when tackling complex problems.

I can't recommend Chris enough. He's a fantastic contractor and colleague, and I would happily work with him again in the future.

Tomas Taujanskas
Tomas Taujanskas
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Product Owner - Salesforce @ Harvey Nichols

Chris is a highly skilled developer with a wealth of knowledge across both front and back-end development.

He is dedicated, focused and determined which shows in the quality of work he produces. Definitely someone who would be a great asset in any team.

Adam Holloway
Adam Holloway
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Technical Lead @ Christie's

Having the ability to solve any problems and engineer solutions for any given project Chris has a plethora of knowledge in many development technologies that makes him an invaluable asset to any company he works with.

Chris is a very hardworking, concise and considerate individual who has been a great help not only to myself but to all that have worked alongside him.

Mat Klik
Mat Klik
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Frontend Developer @ Harvey Nichols

Chris has joined our Digital Online team and has been a major contributor since he has arrived.

Chris is a highly skilled developer, and easy to work with.

I enjoyed working with Chris, and his sense of humor has always uplifted the teams spirit.

Chris is hard working, easy to communicate with, motivated, a self-starter and enjoy team working.

He's a great asset to any company who hires him.

Once you worked with Chris, you wished that he'll be permanently supporting your teams, your business and every software development you'll target to deliver!

Christina Mui
Christina Mui
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Technology Manager @ easyJet

Chris is a perfect example of an active and helpful supervisor.

I constantly enjoy working with him.

Thanks to his supervision, I gained a lot of knowledge, and he pushed me directly into picking up multiple courses in programming.

He is a hard-working, super motivating, senior skilled developer.

I recommend Chris highly, as a valuable asset to any company.

Joseph Lalley
Joseph Lalley
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Frontend Developer @ ITV

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