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Custom HubSpot Integrations

Struggling to find the perfect HubSpot custom integration that seamlessly fits your unique business processes?

Frustrated that the options on HubSpot app marketplace fail to meet your needs?

Want to build bespoke tech solutions that give you a competitive edge and accelerate your growth?

Hubspot is an incredibly powerful tool for your business, and it could offer you even more productivity and profit potential if you integrate it with other platforms and apps you already use.

Can’t find a native integration on the app marketplace?

Fear not – Hanley Digital is here to provide the tailored HubSpot custom integration solution you’ve been searching for!

At Hanley Digital, we understand every business is unique with its own set of challenges.

That’s why we specialise in creating bespoke HubSpot integrations that align perfectly with your internal systems.

Our team of experienced software engineers is dedicated to delivering solutions that optimise your workflow, enhance productivity, and supercharge your business growth.

Why choose a custom HubSpot integration?

Tailored to your needs

Off-the-shelf solutions like Zapier may seem easy to set up, but they often come with limitations that create headaches and stifle your growth.

With our HubSpot custom integrations, we ensure your CRM will sync seamlessly with your unique business processes, improving functionality and saving valuable staff time.

Boost efficiency

HubSpot offers so much potential to improve how you work, but are you making the most of it right now?

Streamline your operations and automate repetitive tasks with our HubSpot custom integrations, so your team can focus on their core strengths and amplify your growth.

Data accuracy

Avoid data silos and discrepancies by connecting HubSpot CRM to your other systems with our HubSpot custom integrations, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information across the board.

Competitive advantage

Want to stand out in your industry? You need to integrate your HubSpot apps and CRM and build robust processes that give you an edge over competitors still relying on generic integrations or manual processes.

Better marketing results

Grow better HubSpot marketing campaigns using a custom integration. With all your data gathered from different systems synced in one place, you can nurture your contacts and convert more of your existing audience into paying customers.

Our approach to HubSpot custom integrations

Our senior software engineers will work closely with you to understand your business goals, processes, and pain points. We then design and develop HubSpot custom integrations tailored specifically to your requirements.

Our approach ensures your investment in HubSpot custom integrations doesn’t just enhance your tech setup – it delivers tangible results.

Why choose Hanley Digital?


With years of experience in software development and a track record of successful HubSpot custom integrations, Hanley Digital is the expert you can trust to integrate HubSpot CRMs with a vast range of online business tools.


We work with you to understand your needs and always prioritise your satisfaction. We actively involve you in the integration process to ensure the final product we’ve built meets – and often exceeds – your expectations.

Scalable solutions

Our HubSpot custom integrations are built to grow with your business, adapting to your evolving needs.


You’ll discover our HubSpot custom integration solutions offer excellent value, with a clear return on investment.


Using custom solutions to connect your apps makes it easier to use automation tools to streamline your workflow. This saves you time moving data between HubSpot and other apps, increases data accuracy, improves your marketing and sales campaigns, and increases productivity for your business.

How much does custom HubSpot integration cost?

You’re bound to have questions – like how much it will cost to integrate popular apps with your HubSpot? Which are the best apps to connect? And can you integrate multiple HubSpot accounts?

Let’s start with the price. The cost of creating custom integration solutions varies depending on your existing setup and what you want to achieve, e.g. the type of integration needed, how many third-party apps you wish to connect, and other factors.

The best place to start is with a friendly chat to discuss your needs, answer all your burning questions, and come up with an initial price for your HubSpot integration project.

Reach out to us.

CRM integration for steel stockist

Case study: HubSpot Integration for a white-label customer in the steel industry‌

A steel stockist client wanted to operate more efficiently in their daily duties, spend less time switching between applications, and produce more sales.

They were using HubSpot as their sales software, and an internal system called Profit – common in the steel industry – to manage orders and quotes.

Using custom code, we created a piece of software to sync companies and contacts between the HubSpot platform and Profit. This way, the HubSpot API could access contact information added to Profit automatically, without the need for sales reps to spend hours manually entering data.

Without a custom integration, there was no way for the client to achieve this using the options available on the HubSpot marketplace. So, a bespoke build was key to creating the functionality needed.

The integration keeps both systems in sync and allows a sales user to:

  • View live sales data for a company or individual in HubSpot
  • See orders and quotes over the last 4/5 years to build accurate customer profiles
  • Analyse customers when quoting to create more detailed and personalised quotations (increasing the likelihood of a sale)
  • See which customers are warm leads and which are just looking for price comparisons and unlikely to buy
  • Spend less time on data entry and more time engaging with and converting customers.

This integration allowed the sales team to spend their time more wisely, nurture leads more effectively, and turn more enquiries into sales – making their jobs a whole lot easier in the process.

Do you use Profit in your business? Or do you have a similar system and want to know if you can link it up to HubSpot to save time, work more efficiently, and get a better ROI?

Get in touch for a free consultation.

HubSpot custom integration services

Don’t let generic solutions hold your business back. Take the leap towards seamless operations and accelerated growth with Hanley Digital.

Hanley Digital is the expert in integration development, and every solution is built using the knowledge we’ve developed with close to two decades of experience working in tech.

We build native integration solutions using sophisticated APIs (application programme interfaces) to connect HubSpot and your app (or apps) or choice.

This brings all your online business tools together, making your data sync and flow between different systems and freeing you to work smarter and achieve more.

Plus, when you hire us as your software solutions partner, you have a single point of contact to keep in touch and make sure you stay updated on your project at every stage.

If you have any questions, please do get in touch with us using the various methods on this page, thank you!

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