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6 benefits of CRM integration with your website 

Using a CRM in your business? A CRM (which stands for customer relationship management) is a great investment, but only if you use it properly. In our latest blog, we’re looking at six benefits of integrating your CRM with your website. 

What is CRM integration?

CRM integration simply means connecting your customer relationship management system with another type of software.

This could be your website or other business platforms. For example, integration allows you to link your CRM platform up with email marketing applications like Mailchimp, accounting software like Xero, workflow management systems like Asana, and other business tools.

Learn more about CRM integration here.

What happens when you integrate CRM with your website?

Your CRM data holds so much potential to grow your business and it’s easier and cheaper to convert contacts you already have than going out to find brand-new customers.

After all, existing customers are 50% more likely to try your business’s new product and 31% more likely to spend more.

Connecting your website to the CRM you use is a smart business move if you’re ready to increase your profit and streamline the way you work. 

Let’s dive into six key benefits of integration between the two.

1. Manage enquiries better 

Integrating your CRM with your website means you can seriously improve how well you manage the enquiries that come in via your website. 

Whether your website visitors sign up for your newsletter, fill in a web form, or start a live chat, their contact details will immediately enter into your customer relationship management software for you and your team to start converting them into a customer.

This way, you don’t miss a trick: all your website data is in one place for your sales team to follow up with, and your marketing team to nurture through email campaigns, paid ads, and other methods. 

2. Save valuable time

In a survey of US sales reps, 32%  of them admitted spending spend over an hour a day manually entering data into online systems or databases.

We can all agree that’s not the best use of their time.

So, by integrating your CRM with your website, your marketing and sales teams both have instant access to all the leads that come into your business.

3. Boost brand loyalty

Did you know 94% of customers want to buy from places they’ve previously bought from? 

When you have the right processes in place, you make it easier for your customers to come back.

Having your CRM synced with your website allows your marketing team to automate more of their work and send more relevant offers, regular reminders, and personalised campaigns, reducing the hours they spend and increasing the success of their marketing strategies.

4. Be more strategic

When your customer data is all up-to-date, detailed, and stored in one place, you have better insights into customer behaviour that allows you to take a more strategic view of your sales and marketing campaigns.

This way, you can easily analyse your activity, see what’s working and what’s not, do split testing to try new approaches and evaluate the results, see which of your web pages are performing best and where improvements can be made. 

Knowledge is power, so having all of this insight at your fingertips allows you to spend your time more wisely and make more informed decisions about which direction to take your sales, marketing, and other business activity.

5. Give your customers a better experience with your brand

Customer satisfaction is key to growing your business, and there’s so much potential in the data you already have within your CRM.

It probably won’t surprise you to hear that 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a company that gives them a personalised experience, and personalisation is much easier when your systems are talking to each other.

CRM integration with the website means your marketers can use the data in your CRM to create marketing automation processes that build better engagement and relationships with your audience.

For example, connecting CRM to website could track the timespan of a purchase and send out a personalised reminder that it’s time to stock up before it runs out.

This makes the customer feel valued while saving them time shopping around and the hassle of running out of a product they love – and it encourages repeat custom and increased profit in the process.

6. Avoid mistakes 

Syncing a website with a CRM reduces the number of mistakes you make – for example, in manual data entry, or duplication.

By ensuring all your online systems talk to each other, you improve your data accuracy which prevents costly mistakes and improves your customer’s experience of your business, keeping you looking professional and efficient.

CRM integration with a website: how to actually do it

Do you have data stored in the CRM you’re not making the most of?

Do the email addresses customers submit on your website get missed or neglected?

Hanley Digital offers custom CRM integration as a service to businesses across various sectors. 

With two decades of experience in helping businesses solve their challenges through software solutions, our goal is to empower you to run your business better, make your life easier, and get more ROI from all your business activity.

Seamless integration between your website and CRM achieves this.

The integration process can be complex, but no matter what kind of website and CRM you have, we’ll find a way to connect them so they speak to each other and unlock the numerous benefits of integration solutions (in fact, complex integration is our speciality).

You get to manage your website more easily, use your marketing data more strategically, and convert more of your existing database into paying (and returning) customers.

We’ve worked with all types of CRM – Hubspot, Salesforce, and Zoho, to name a few you may be familiar with.Ready to get going? Reach us on hello@hanleydigital.com or 0114 4055 330 and let’s discuss the best ways to use custom integration to improve your business processes and boost your bottom line.

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