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What are email integrations?

Email is such a useful tool for your business, whether you’re scouring your inbox to revive old leads or letting your entire email list know you’ve launched a new offering. You may be surprised to learn 61% of consumers prefer brands to contact them via email – and it just might have you wondering whether you’re making the most of this huge opportunity to connect with and convert the existing data you already have in your clutches. 

So how can you harness the power of email to make more sales and run your business better? Email integrations can seriously elevate what you’re capable of achieving in your business. Read our latest blog to learn how.

What does email integration mean?

Email integration means syncing your email client or email marketing platform with another type of software.

This means data can be shared instantly between systems – for example, when someone signs up to your newsletter via a form on your website, their contact information automatically goes onto your CRM.

What are some examples of email integration?

Here’s how email integrations could help you streamline your business processes and convert more potential customers.

CRM integration

You can integrate your email service provider with your customer relationship management software to make sure all your customer data is updated across both systems and allow you to get a clearer view of customer activity with your brand.

Website integration

When you connect your email to your website, you have a world of opportunity at your fingertips.

For example, you can instantly add newsletter signups to your email marketing databases to save time (and avoid mistakes or duplications) manually copying and pasting contact info.

Or, you can send an automated email to a website visitor who abandoned cart – a great way to encourage ‘on the fence’ browsers to complete their purchase.

Social media integration

Integration allows you to connect your email marketing software with your business social media accounts to be more consistent with your marketing campaigns, and see how effective your emails are for encouraging social follows and engagements.

Can I integrate my CRM with every type of email client?

In most cases, the answer is yes – you can integrate your email account with your CRM.

The most popular CRMs used by small businesses, like HubSpot CRM, Salesforce, and Pipedrive, allow you to sync email providers like Outlook and Gmail.

However, how easy and cost-effective it will be to integrate your CRM with your email service provider depends which email and CRM you use.

If there isn’t a simple fix to sync your email and CRM, don’t panic!

Custom email integrations are possible – and integration specialists like us, here at Hanley Digital, will be able to advise you on this. 

Do I need CRM email integration?

The short answer? It depends on what your requirements are as a business.

CRM email integration is a good move if you’re spending a lot of time on data entry, have a large sales team (or a complicated sales process), or you’re ready to get serious about boosting efficiency, productivity, and profit.

It’s not an essential step for every business, but it can deliver a real return on investment if you and/or your team are currently losing hours and hours to processes that could be automated.

What is email marketing integration all about?

Email marketing integration happens when you connect your email marketing tool with another piece of software your business uses.

Popular email tools like Mailchimp, Mailerlite, and Flodesk connect with your CRM, website, or social media channels to streamline your operations and save time communicating with your target audience.

This reduces the need to add data to multiple channels – simply add it to a single platform in the knowledge it will sync and appear everywhere you need it to be. 

Once your marketing team is freed from laborious data entry, they’re free to start planning future campaigns and concentrate on generating even better results for your business!

Will CRM email integration improve my marketing campaigns?

In a word, yes!

With an email marketing integration you can:

  • Create an automated email series to welcome new subscribers who sign up via your website, with email copy and a branded template library designed to spark conversions and loyalty
  • Set up marketing automation that’s triggered by certain activity, e.g. an abandoned basket email 
  • Improve open rates and conversions by tracking activity 
  • Sync your online retail store with your email marketing platform to track customer activity
  • Link popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok to your email so new followers can join your mailing list 
  • Personalise your data based on shopping history and demographic information to send more relevant emails 
  • Segment data and automate campaigns to boost your email marketing strategy, improve email open rate, and improve sales
  • Monitor when your audience is most active online to determine the best time to send emails to your contacts
  • Use email to help your sales and marketing teams to work together more seamlessly by sharing insights

Benefits of email integrations

So, you might be wondering what the top-level benefits of email integrations are.

Here’s a quick overview:

  • More efficiency: when you can automate tasks and wipe out the need for your team to do manual data entry, it elevates your efficiency as a business which boosts profit and productivity
  • More accuracy: seamless sync create higher levels of accuracy and significantly reduces the potential for human error 
  • Better customer experience: email integration allows you to create personalised email campaigns with targeted emails which are more relevant – customers love to receive them and they’re much more likely to take action – so it’s a win-win situation 
  • Higher return on investment: when you integrate your email marketing with other platforms, you access better analytics to make more informed business decisions, which makes your entire operation run more seamlessly and deliver a better ROI 
  • Happier teams: email integrations unite your different teams so they’re all working in harmony with shared insights and goals – and happier employees make for a more successful business.

Speak to an expert about email integration and email marketing integration

Bringing all of your tech together to work like one well-oiled machine is key to unlocking the next level of growth for your business.

To do this, you need the right software specialist on board who can advise you, support you, and make sure your business grows with your ambitions. 

Hanley Digital specialises in email integrations and delivers custom software integration solutions for a multitude of organisations, from small businesses to global corporations.

If you’re ready to work smarter rather than harder, let us support you to do just that with confidence and ease thanks to a seamless software solution powering you to achieve more. Get in touch on hello@hanleydigital.com or 0114 4055 330 and let’s take it from there.

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